This web site is a central resource for International Medical Doctors (IMD), also referred to as International Medical Graduates (IMGs), who are working towards becoming licensed to practice medicine in Canada.
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The Medical License Bridging Program is under revision and services are not currently being delivered. If you are an International Medical Doctor in the Ottawa area looking for licensing or career information please visit www.imd-info.ca.

Program Summary

The Medical License Bridging Program for International Medical Doctors provides training in medical communication, healthcare culture, familiarity with Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) and exposure to Canadian medical practice through Observership. This focused training broadens knowledge of Canadian medical practice and improves the success rate of International Medical Doctors (IMD) as they pursue the medical exams and residency. To learn more about the Bridging Program in Ottawa, visit the About page.

Eligibility Criteria

IMD enter the Bridging Program through customized streams which recognize their individual readiness to successfully complete the program activities. Program entrance eligibility criteria include:




Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration



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